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I have performed a total of 5 root canals; and this was the best from both the aspects of technical doctor expertise and post-procedure side effects. Thank you for your work.


As much as I hated to have this procedure, Dr. Tim and staff were extremely kind, helpful and knowledgable. I am very greatful to have found them for my root canal problem. Hard to believe that there is such thing as a fantastic root canal :)


State-of-the-art proceedures combined with old school service. I will recommend Dr. Tim to everyone I like.


 Thank you so much Dr. Tim and Therese for taking such good care of me. I was so afraid to get this root canal done that I had delayed for a long time. I appreciate you working with me and being so kind and caring. I can't believe that the dental dam worked out so well and I really like how your office is so high-tech and you did my root canal through your microscope. Thank you again, if I ever have a problem like this again I know where to come. Thank you sincerely, Janice D'An


Super agradecida por el trato cortes y super profesional que me han prestado no solo al momento del tratamiento sino en su seguimiento. Cuentan con un equipo de primera linea y ha sido mi primera experiencia con esta calidad de equipos y el manejo profesional del mismo.


I felt comfortable and thank you



I dont like doctors or dentist or any medical procedure but this was the best visit to a dentist office I have ever had in my life and I have no problem with going back as many times as needed the staff was excellent and made me feel very comfortable and they cared I loved this visit and this dental office and Dr Timur and his assistant was awesome. Great Service overall 100% great work.


Terrific doctor. The music helped me to relax and took my mind off of the procedure.


It was very impressive how the staff and the doctor explained the procedure and was very caring during the process.


Excellent experience and would not hesitate to recommend anyone that needs root canal procedure.


Dr.Timur has to be one of the best Endodontist in South Florida. Their office was very clean and elegant. The procedures was far better than what I expected. My teeth look great. They really work with you when it comes to financial circumstances. I loved their service and I will be going back their whenever needed. Thank you Dr.Timur and thank you Therese for your great service. I am actually looking forward to meeting you guys again. Thanks!


Comparing this to my previous Root Canal, this was a walk in the park.I will reecommend my friends and family to this office should the need arise. Thank you.


I would like to say that I'm very very satisfied with the treatment and care of having my root canal with Dr Timur and Teresa. They are the best! I was very impressed how Dr Timur explain step by step his work and they play the music you like when they are working on your tooth... They are GREAT!!!


I was terrified about having to get a root canal that was until I met Dr.Tim and Terese. My experience from beging to end was absolutely amazing. They are so GREAT. Thank You Dr.Tim and Terese for making me feel relaxed and comfortable. You are simply the BEST!!!!


I don't like visiting dentist offices due to having a really bad event with one years ago. I was hesitant to come here at first but after viewing all the testimonials I agreed with my wife and we decided to book our appointment. Teresa and Dr. Timur made me feel relaxed trough the whole process and made me feel at ease. There state of the art facility and there gentle ways helped me to relax and made this a much better experience than anticipated. I would highly recommend Dr. Timur and Teresa to my friends and family. Keep up the great work.


I am an extremely anxious patient who previously had a traumatic root canal performed by a general dentist ultimately ending as an extraction. My second root canal completed by Dr. Tim was a completely opposite experience. With zero exaggeration, I experienced zero pain, NONE. Slight discomfort from the first of four injections at the start, however I wouldn't even classify it as painful in anyway. I am very aware and sensitive to pain in a Dentist's chair. I am the ultimate 6'4" 270 lb big baby. My normal dental cleanings are more painful than this root canal. As a personal obsevation (whether true or not), I believe, the reason for the easiness of this procedure can be directly attributed to the "microsurgical" aspect of Dr. Tims practice. He sees and does what he has to with greater precision. Thank you, Dr. Tim. I am no longer afraid of root canals.


Wow, it is so comforting to know if you need to have a root canal their is a dentist office "West Pines Endodontics" that administers aid to you with excellent professionalism. I was very pleased. Getting dental work can create some nervousness; however, the demeanor of the Doctor & his assistant was very peaceful and informative. I appreciate their patience and friendliness. This dentist is very detailed and explains everything he is doing, which is great. Highly recommended and definitely worth the ride out west, lol.....thank you "WPE"


Dr. Sekercioglu is a competent doctor who is very gentle, caring and attentive. He has state of the art equipment to do the job right. He clearly explained every step of my root canal procedure. The environment and music helped me to relax. I had very little pain afterwards!


When people joke " it's like getting a root canal", they have not had one here. The entire procedure was a positive experience. Thank you for such great care.


I have visited some Dentists before and Dr. Timur Sekercioglu is without a doubt the best Dr. I have ever seen, being very professional, explaining clearly the entire procedure and truly caring for the patient, I think he goes above and beyond the standards, Also his assistant is very kind and professional. I would strongly recommend these professionals to anybody.




Overall, it was about as pleasant an experience as a root canal could be. I was very pleased with the care I received at your office. Thank you!


I felt comfortable and thank you


Dr. Tim and Jubilee are very courteous and professional. From my experience, they practice their mission statement every day. Dr. Tim's explanations were precisely on the button that resulted in my exceeded expectations. I would continue to recommend him without any hesitation whatsoever.


I was very lucky to choose Dr. Timur for my my root canal procedure. He takes the time to explain step by step all the work to be done, he is very professional, gentle and caring, as well as his assistant. I will be glad to recommend him without any hesitation. Thank you both.


Super agradecida por el trato cortes y super profesional que me han prestado no solo al momento del tratamiento sino en su seguimiento. Cuentan con un equipo de primera linea y ha sido mi primera experiencia con esta calidad de equipos y el manejo profesional del mismo.


Super agradecida por el trato cortes y super profesional que me han prestado no solo al momento del tratamiento sino en su seguimiento. Cuentan con un equipo de primera linea y ha sido mi primera experiencia con esta calidad de equipos y el manejo profesional del mismo.


The most pain and stress free dental visit I''ve had. Thank you very much - my trip to the dentist was actually a very pleasant one!  I have been telling everyone I know about your office and the wonderful work you do!  Thank you for a surprisingly pain free experience.


I had a great experience. I was very impressed by the high-tech gadgets used by Dr. Tim, as well as, his demeanor. He was knowledgable and trustworthy. I also enjoyed Thesese. I think you run a nice, efficient office. I also liked the calm waiting room decor. Very nice. You might consider shortening your last name or changing it to "Smith". Other than that, you guys are great! 8)


Dr. Timur,  you are "The Man". Best dental experience I've ever had! I say that with true honesty. I like the way you took the time to explain to me exactly what you were going to do and what to expect. You and Jubilee make a great team. Thanks for the service you provided me. Great experience.


first impression always count and for my first visit ever, this was great, I was very much pleased :)