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General Information


Fees will vary greatly depending on the type of treatment needed. Fees will be based on the tooth involved, the type of treatment necessary, and the extent of the treatment provided. During your consultation we will discuss the necessary number of visits, their lengths, and the fees involved.

Although we complete many of our treatments in a single visit, there are many times that a second visit is needed due to the complexity of the case.  In these situations, there is NO extra fee for additional visits. 

It is our policy that your care is paid for at the time of treatment.  We accept checks, cash and credit cards.  Should you desire to make monthly payments, we will be happy to assist you in applying for financing.  We offer several choices to provide you with convenient, low monthly payment plans including interest free options. You can check for pre-approval at:  or



West Pines Endodontics is affiliated with a number of insurance companies. If we are not a provider for your insurance do not worry as we will also submit to non-network insurances. As our fees are quite reasonable, the out of pocket expense for most insured patients is comparable to a "participating provider" office.

Our staff will help you determine your exact insurance benefits at the time of your consultation.

For our patients without dental insurance, it is our policy that your dental care is paid for at the time your treatment is initiated.  For our patients that do have dental insurance, we will contact your insurance company before we provide any treatment.   In most cases they will provide us with basic information about your insurance benefits and may give us an estimate of how much of the cost they will cover.  That way, we will be able to give you an estimate of your out of pocket cost.  Some plans may require a higher out of pocket payment. 

Please keep in mind  that all insurance companies are different and their coverages vary widely, but we will do the best of our ability in obtaining the maximum benefits from your insurance   We will gladly file an insurance claim for the treatment rendered and you will be reimbursed if your insurance company provides payment for the visit.  We will file your insurance claim that same day to expidite payment. If the insurance payment is less than the estimated amount, you will be responsible for the balance.  If the insurance payment is more than the estimated amount, you will be sent a refund check from our accounting office at the completion of your treatment.